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Sustainable Energy
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Energy Expo 2023

Welcome to Sri Lanka’s most awaited expo, Sri Lanka Energy Expo 2023, offering solutions to the most demanding renewable energy requirements of Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka Energy Expo’23, will enable Local & International energy based companies to get engaged with the local representatives from the industry, trade visitors, local & international entrepreneurs, meet with policy  makers, industry practitioners, to develop business opportunities and to discuss on solutions associated with market developments & technology on implementing power generation solutions through renewable energy sources. 

Sri Lanka Energy Expo will attract 15,000+ trade visitors, 1500 industry based delegates, 30+ speakers with 150+ Exhibitors from the Local & International RE markets.

We invite you to partner the Sri Lanka Energy Expo‘23, to look at viable business opportunities within the rapidly growing energy markets in Sri Lanka. 


Sri Lanka's most awaited Exhibition & Conference dedicated to the energy market..

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Sri Lanka’s Biggest International energy, power Generation, electrical engineering, smart technology & safety expo will be held from 28th to 30th September 2023.

Since many Power & Energy related Exhibitions have held in the past, this years event will attract many Sri Lankan entrepreneurs with a positive impact on the rapidly growing energy sector in Sri Lanka to meet the challenging demand on electricity to be generated via RE sources.

This Expo & Conference will connect all key stakeholders from the industry mainly buyers & decision makers of the entire industry while creating the business to business opportunity to manufacturers & suppliers across the world.


Sri Lankan Energy Expo 2023 aims to help industry players capitalize on potential Sri Lanka’s business opportunities  while helping to meet the country’s increasing energy demands by introducing a variety of innovative products and solutions from around the globe. 

Come showcase your product portfolio from your own location to interested buyers in Sri Lanka’s power, energy and electrical sector. Book your ideal space today by connecting with us or Sponsor the event & explore opportunities to stand ahead.

Talk to us on +94 777 414 612 or email

Opportunities in SL



Solar Modules, Components, Installation systems & equipment, Sun tracking systems, street lights, measurement units, integrated systems for buildings & structures, construction, batteries, inverters, energy storages, energy saving,  accessories, heat pumps & other


Geothermal energy, solid waste, household waste forms of RE sources, temperature measurement units & devices, construction & engineering, technology & safety, biogas, biofuels & other


Financial institutions, investment funds, associations, insurance companies, investments on large RE projects, financial & legal consulting firms


Safety systems, tools, kits, advanced technology for RE, software & safety solutions


Electric Vehicles, Mobility, Scooters, bikes, bicycles, charging stations,  battery, equipment, tools & other


Equipment, Material & Component, installation, operation & maintenance services, project planning & development, energy storage & other related products &  services


Electrical Components, electrical engineering related products, tools, kits, machinery,  equipment, energy saving appliance & solution, safety, measurement devices & other


RE project engineering & construction, services, consulting, infrastructure development, maintenance services, material suppliers, solar farm developers, turnkey  projects, smart buildings


Sri Lanka’s Renewable Energy Sources have been the most demanding topic creating the biggest marketplace for renewable energy solutions in the south Asian region since the recent past. Due to high cost on existing power generation methods, Sri Lanka now aims big in the renewable energy solutions which can be implemented. 


Electricity in Sri Lanka is generated using three primary sources:  thermal power (which includes coal and fuel oil), hydropower, and other non-conventional renewable energy sources (solar and wind power). However, Sri Lanka has already achieved a grid connectivity of 98 percent, which is relatively high by South Asian standards.  


Sri Lanka is currently experiencing power outages as hydropower reaches capacity and begins to decline due to less predictable weather patterns & high dependency on fossil fuel based power generation. As a result, Sri Lanka plans to add additional renewable power plants & encourage RE power solutions to the domestic & commercial power requirements. 

Sri Lanka Implemented a Long Term Generation Expansion Plan ( LTGEP) for 2022 -2041, with a transit plan from traditional fossil fuel based generation to cleaner, environment friendly natural forms of power generation sources with a target to become carbon neutral by 2050. 

The government pledged last year not to build any new coal-fired power plants, while looking at only sources from renewable energy. Encouraging roof top solar for domestic & commercial usage, encouraging immediate investments on renewable energy projects are high topics in the country due to increased cost on fuel used for power generation. The only solution to the power crisis in Sri Lanka is identified to generate electricity only via renewable energy sources, creating potential market opportunities for RE projects in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka aims at reaching 70% of its energy requirement through RE sources by 2030..

Energy Market


  1. Thermal & Hydro electricity are the main source of power generation in Sri Lanka at present

  2. Immediate expansion is looked at renewable energy Sources for power generation

  3. Projects submitted on renewable energy solutions are implemented with immediate effect. 

  4. Domestic & Commercial usage of Solar Generated Power has increased with the recent power shortage

  5. Sri Lanka Implemented a Long Term Generation Expansion Plan ( LTGEP) for 2022 -2041

  6. Sri Lanka aims at fulfilling 70% of its energy requirements through renewable energy sources by 2030

  7. Sri Lanka Governments goal is to achieve the Carbon neutral target by 2050

  8. Sri Lanka prioritized renewable energy sources under the vistas of prosperity & splendor policy statement

  9. Sri Lankan government gives priority for electric vehicles

  10. EV charge stations to be implemented across the island to promote usage of electric vehicles. 

  11. Sri Lanka aims at Saving US$300 Billion annually by moving onto renewable energy sources

  12. Current cost of Power Generation is estimated to be over Rs 50 per unit

  13. Sri Lanka government implements "Gamata Balaagarayak” programme to construct 7000 small solar power plants with a capacity of 100 kilowatts through investors

  14. Roof top solar panel projects to be implemented on the roofs of government offices

  15. Increasing cost on power generation & price hikes on electricity, has resulted in finding alternative renewable energy sources for  domestic & commercial purposes. 

  16. High Demand for Roof Top Solar Solutions at present

Top 10 Reasons


Top 10 reasons to be at the Energy Expo 2022, Colombo, Sri Lanka


One to one High profile business meetings with the topmost leaders in the industry


Largest renewable energy market in the region with present Energy crisis due to fossil fuel based power generation


Congregation of experts from the fields of technology, innovation and finance in the RE Sector in Sri Lanka


Expo backed with International Conference & business Forum attracting investment on RE projects


Products display area to source Solar Panel, Inverters, Energy Solutions, EV & charging stations, electrical products & other energy solution based products


Increasingly high demand for quality Solar products, EV & Storage & other renewable energy solutions


Communicate & network directly with dealers, distributors, system integrators, project developers and EPC stakeholders


Meet and connect with the Government representatives, State Institutions and policy makers, 1 Stop Center at the Expo


Opportunity to meet private associations working in the Renewable energy Markets


Opportunity to enhance the brand visibility by associating with potential buyers trade associations, industry delegates

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